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This resource works on principle of daily updates with tutorials and manuals for starters and advanced writers concentrating on basic struggles and elements of research and paper writing.


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Basic Tutorial For Composing A Research Paper Title Page In The APA Format

The title page is the first part of your research paper and must therefore be correctly written. This is very easy and will only consume a few minutes of our time and hence you do not have an excuse to do it otherwise. Unpleasing work will mind-numb the reader long before forging ahead to the succeeding pages.

Follow the instructions

It is a common knowledge that APA format has a set standard for this page but it is recommended that you adhere to your department or institution’s guidelines in case they are given. Most institutions have fabricated their own guiding principles to suit their own tastes and preferences.


This is what will make your work outstanding. Remember that other writers are also working to produced unparalleled work and therefore, you must prove yourself by employing a natural linguistic flair. Nonetheless, do not go to the extremes of using too complex vocabulary as your work may be used by different groups of people


It is significant to get it right. The standard font is 12 points. However, to enhance lucidity, your font must be slightly higher than this. Employ the font style that is easily readable such as the New Time Roman. Avoid using fonts that may present difficulties when reading your work.

The title

This is a crucial element of this page and it must be correctly selected. If your university has not provided a specific thing to jot about, come up with your own. It should provide enough room to present your arguments and back them up with relevant examples and vivid experiences. This should be center aligned approximately halfway down the page.

Personal details

These are essential for identifying the author of the project and sub-authors if available. The recommended location is center alignment. It should bear your name, the name of your institution and the date upon which the work is submitted. However, this does not limit you to these three basic requirements. You can choose to include the name of your supervisor or the stage of paper dissertation such as for undergraduate and PhD, thesis and the term paper.

The Running Head

This is simply a derived form of the real title and it should appear at the top of every page. It is recommended that it should not exceed three words.

The page number

This element should also appear on every page right from the first page. Adopt a right alignment for this and separate it from the running head by five to seven spaces.