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How To Compose An MLA Research Paper Title Page: General Guidelines

MLA stands for Modern Languages Association and is a standard format for writing higher-level academic papers like term and research papers, thesis, dissertations etc. If you are to write your research paper following the MLA style, then the first thing to keep in mind is that this format does not require the cover or title page. The paper itself contains enough information on the first page that you do not need a title page. However, you cannot ignore it if your teacher requires you to include one. The most important thing while writing your academic papers is the guidelines from your teacher or magazine or a journal you are writing for. You need to follow the preferences of your target audience because the paper is aimed at them and it is must for them to approve of your ideas

Writing a title page is not something difficult or out of the ordinary. You need to keep a few basics in your mind while composing this paper.

  1. The title should have a certain spacing above it. Ideally, you should leave one third of the total space and then enter your title. All the words in your title have the first letter in uppercase. This might change for prepositions and smaller letters like a, the, an etc. Else than that, all the words need to have the first letter in capitals
  2. It is not a good idea to underline your title or write it in italics. You should not punctuate your title and only use quotation marks if you include a quote from someone else in your paper.
  3. After the title of your paper, you need to leave enough space, two or three lines and then write your name. Your name need to have your first and last name both
  4. After you write your name, you should leave two or three lines and then write your course, degree, academic level etc. You may also include the section in which you are studying in your paper
  5. The last line in your paper needs to have the name of the instructor just above the date. It is important to include their proper name and designation; if they have a doctorate degree then you must mention the word Dr. in the title.
  6. The last thing in your title page would be the date. You should use the European style date for your papers in MLA. This follows the day, month and year format.