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Writing A Research Paper Summary: 5 Tips To Follow

There are several sections which are required to go with the body of a research paper. One of these sections is the summary. For obvious reasons, this part cannot be completed until you have finished with the rest of your writing.

Each part of the paper will provide you with the needed outline to effectively complete your summary. You will want to take just a small portion from every section so that you have covered your full paper and condensed it into a concise section that could stand alone if that was the only part read by the audience.

Here is a list of 5 tips that you will want to follow when doing the summary for your research paper to ensure you get it right:

  1. Read through all of the pages first and extract all of the major ideas. Use your abstract as a simple way to start with a summary. It has already listed the main things that the reader can be expected to discover in the paper, so much of the work has already been done for you. When it is not possible to use an abstract, take from your introduction for your outline instead.
  2. Examine what has been listed in the literature review and include the main arguments of the literature that you used, whether or not it is in support of your paper.
  3. Carefully search to identify the methodology that you used during your research and include a brief statement of why you chose that particular method. This can be the actual methods themselves, or experiments and calculations that were applied to the variables.
  4. Write down a complete analysis of the data. This will usually include a mention of the method that was used to retrieve data needed from the methodology. Additionally, make a list of the data analysis results. This can include results such as effects that were observed, the end products of the research, or the experiment's outcome.
  5. Read through the results discussion section carefully. Note down the most important parts of the discussion a write down a condensed version to include with your summary. This is also where you would add in information or possible suggestions on how future students could continue the work, or ways to improve what was done. The conclusion should also restate the conclusion that was made at the end of the paper.

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