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25 Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas You Should Consider

When writing a research paper, there are many different styles and formats that you can use. For example, it may be that you wish to use a custom research papers writing. If this is the case, then you will need to pick a topic that can be written about in such a way that you try and persuade the reader about a particular point of view.

One thing to remember is that you do not necessarily need to agree with that point of view, you simply need to try and think of arguments that support it. Of course, it is often easier to write the work if you support the point of view - but not essential.

Some ideas that you may wish to consider have been provided below.

  1. Should people follow a vegetarian lifestyle?
  2. Should all new cars be built to use renewable or environmentally friendly energy sources?
  3. Should religion still exist in the 21st-century?
  4. Should school students be required to master a second language?
  5. Should governments prevent businesses from exploiting cheap and unethical labour sourced from foreign countries?
  6. Should abortion be made illegal in all circumstances?
  7. Should there be a fixed term on how long political leaders can stay in office?
  8. Should the United States act as a global police force?
  9. Should taxation be abolished?
  10. Our free markets truly efficient?
  11. Should police officers were found guilty of criminal offences be given an extra mandatory sentence on top of any other punishments relating to the crimes that they committed?
  12. Should young children own mobile phones?
  13. Is swearing a bad thing?
  14. Should religion be used to determine the laws of the country?
  15. Is the European Union a success?
  16. Should more be done to protect people when playing sport?
  17. Should parents be penalised when their children play truant?
  18. Should rich people pay more in taxes?
  19. Should fast food restaurants do more to inform customers about any health issues that can arise when eating fatty foods?
  20. Should children be allowed to have part-time jobs?
  21. Should the minimum voting age be lowered?
  22. Should convicted criminals who are in prison at the time of elections be allowed to vote?
  23. Should there be a limit on the amount of money that political candidates can spend on election campaigns?
  24. Should political campaigns during elections be funded by the taxpayer?
  25. Should all future books be published in electronic formats in order to be more environmentally friendly than paper equivalents?

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