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This resource works on principle of daily updates with tutorials and manuals for starters and advanced writers concentrating on basic struggles and elements of research and paper writing.


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Writing Fundamentals: Qualities Of A Good Research Paper

There is no writer who wants to waste time generating a paper only to end up with the lowest grade. It is the desire of every writer and student to produce the best quality paper. This calls for understanding of what makes a good research paper. Here are suggestions by writing specialists on what it takes to call a paper excellent.

Captivating Introduction

The introduction is more than a collection of sentences. It informs the reader of what to expect from the entire paper. It also sets the mood and arouses curiosity so that the reader can dig deeper into the work. This calls for a strong start that is focused by pointing at the direction you will take with your arguments. State a fact that captures the imagination of the reader or a revelation that is mind boggling. This will maintain the interest of the reader in your paper.

Right Structure

Academic papers have a definite structure based on the subject and discipline of study. Enquire from your tutor about the right structure to use. This ensures that you craft an introduction that is compelling, a body that is thoroughly researched and a conclusion that leaves a resounding impression. Here are ways of ensuring that you get the structure right.

Templates and samples can be obtained from the library, online or from the department. Your tutor will deliver the best sample or template because he or she understands the assignment better.

Thoroughly Researched

A compelling paper is always based on facts and adequate details. These facts can only be obtained through extensive reading. Obtain the latest information in your field of study from journals, books in the library, online and news items, among other sources. Avoid common facts since they add nothing new to your paper.

Correct Language

It is important to construct your paper using the correct grammar. However, a good paper is not always about grammar. There are vocabularies that are used in business, law, zoology, etc. Master these vocabularies and use them in your paper. They give your arguments a context that is necessary in academic work.

A Resounding Conclusion

The conclusion ties down all the arguments made in your research paper. It must leave a lasting impression and be memorable to the reader. It should not contain new information or be unnecessarily detailed.

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