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The Easiest Way To Write A Good Introduction For A Research Paper

An introduction is the first part of your research paper. What this means is that the way you write the introduction will have a lot to tell about the rest of the paper. If the introduction is poor, then the reader might as well assume that the rest of the paper might be just as poor.

Therefore, you should write your introduction with a lot of dedication. Grab the reader’s attention from the offset and let them feel that they’re just starting a very interesting journey that they can’t afford to miss out on. This is the only way to hook readers and encourage them to read the body of your research paper.

Before we list down what you need to include in your introduction to make it stand out, check out this company to see what mistakes students usually make when writing the introduction. Some of the most common mistakes include;

  1. Not writing an introduction at all – this would be a huge mistake. Remember that there are usually marks for the introduction alone. Without an introduction, you’d miss these marks.
  2. Writing an “unrecognizable” introduction – do not make this mistake. The introduction must always stand out. The reader must recognize it as an introduction.
  3. Including too much background information – you don’t have to write everything in the introduction. In fact, make it a habit to save most points for the body.
  4. Making the introduction too long – two pages of introduction for a 10-page research paper isn’t the way to go. Your reader could be worn out by the time they reach the body.
  5. Tips for writing a good research paper introduction;

    • Use the introduction to show that you understood the question and that you’re going to answer it appropriately.
    • To show that you understand the question, use the introduction to highlight main points from the topic and how you’re going to tackle each.
    • Show evidence that you have done thorough research. Making a reference to one of your sources would be a great idea.
    • Make your introduction short enough but also not too short. The recommended length is 8-9% of the total word count.
    • Include a topic sentence in your introduction that your instructor can read and immediately agree that you fully understood the topic.
    • And finally, use wordings that clearly show you plan on answering the question. You can use words such as; “This paper is divided into four parts.”

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