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Where To Look For Great Political Science Term Paper Examples

In many political science courses, the term paper will make up the majority of your semester grade, so its important to do a good job on it. And, having an example paper can be one of the best ways to get a leg up on a top grade.

The first step in finding an example paper is to examine what kind of assignment your term paper is. For instance, they can be research papers, analytical essays, critical review essays, compare and contrast essays, or opinion essays. So, if you’re going to use a sample to base your own off of, its important to make sure that you select a sample that matches your assignment. Similarly, if your teacher has assigned a specific format, such as APA or MLA, be sure to find an example that uses that format.

Your teacher

Many students are afraid to ask their teachers for an example paper, because they think it will make it look they are trying to cheat or are being lazy about the assignment. But you explain to your teacher that you are not very experienced with writing political science papers, and that you want to do the best job you can on the assignment, they’ll probably be impressed with the initiative you are taking. And, getting an example from your teacher, rather than another source, will give you a sample that is exactly what your teacher is looking for.

Writing Center

Most colleges and universities, and some high schools have writing centers that offer free services to students. Check to see if your school has a writing center, and if they provide example papers. If they don’t, or your school doesn’t have a writing center, try looking on the webpages of other schools’ writing centers—often they will have a great selection of resources that are free to anyone.

Writing Contests

Another great sources of free sample papers, especially for specialized subjects like political science, are writing contests. Many school departments and magazines or journals will put on essay writing contests, and will generally post the winners on their websites. A simple online search can help you to locate them. The benefit of this source is that you’ll know that they are high quality examples if they won a contest!

Online Forums

You can often find sample papers through online forums. It’s important though, especially for a political science paper, to use a reputable forum that is focused on the subject.

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