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The Top 10 Outstanding Science Fair Term Paper Ideas

With a science fair project, students have to use find an exceptionally good project to win. They need to spend weeks or months preparing their project. Once the project is ready, the student still has to prepare a term paper on the topic. The following ten ideas are some of the best available.

Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics

Students can do a project on the aerodynamics of a sport like hockey or a paper on helicopter liftoff. They could also write papers on buoyancy in cylinders or an essay on if submarines need fins.


Astronomy topics could include sunspot cycles, craters or the potential for asteroid mining.


This hot field includes trending projects on extracting onion DNA, cloning plants and DNA fingerprinting.


With this topic, students could write about changes in Vitamin C between oranges and orange juice. They could also compare the electrolytes in fruit juices and sport drinks.

Civil Engineering

With civil engineering, students could research bridge building or techniques for dealing with high winds in skyscraper construction. They can build smaller models of bridges and test the strength of different building styles.

Cooking and Food Science

In this field, students can write about egg substitutes, making ice cream or the chemistry of baking. Other research papers could look at the additives that make gelatin and ways to make whipped cream that lasts longer. Meat lovers may enjoy writing about heat conduction in steaks.


In this exciting field, students can create a radon detector, electric motor or crystal radio. They could measure radiation from cellphones or use Eddy Currents for levitation. This field includes topics like building magnetic fields, rain detectors and judging the static electricity of different objects.

Energy Sources

With this field, students could compare the safety and cost efficiency of different power plants. They could research inexpensive ways for people to build solar panels, windmills and other power sources at home. Topics include wind energy, green living and tidal power.

Environmental Science

For environmental science projects, students could track their household water usage. They could look at landscaping techniques that use native plants. Other ideas include chemically analyzing rainwater runoff and dissolved oxygen. Papers on the spread and removal of invasive species could also be interesting.

Human Behavior

With this field, students can study if smiles and laughter are contagious. They could compare gender responses to frustration. Other ideas include using memory mnemonics for remembering things or the presence of altruism in relationships.

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