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How to Find Hot Topics for an Argumentative Research Paper

Instructors will assign argumentative research paper assignments to evaluate the skills students have in framing issues in the form of a thesis statement that can argued against. Simply asking a question isn’t a thesis statement. Stating a fact that can’t be argued isn’t a thesis. There must exist some sort of position or a side on a specific issue.

You can search for potential topics everywhere – online, newspapers, magazines and even on television. But if you’re stuck on finding hot topics, you might want to consider one of the following:

  1. Some states require that the elderly pass an annual eye test before having their driving licenses renewed. Is this okay or is this a case of age discrimination?
  2. Should classroom sizes in elementary and early development be limited to 20 or so students? Can we do anything about this or is the increase in population too quick for us to act?
  3. Should governments have a say on people’s diets? If so, how much is too much? Is there a concern that big business may try to influence dietary choices for profits? Should the government have a hands-off approach to dealing with this?
  4. Are children behaving better than they were just a few years ago, or is behavior getting worse? Consider juvenile crimes, bullying, etc. How can we further education to prevent negative or bad behavior?
  5. Should governments and society develop some type of internet censorship to protect minors from offensive materials? Or is free expression entirely protected by the first amendment?
  6. Should death row patients be used as test subjects for chemicals and pharmaceuticals instead of animals? Is this a realistic approach or a cruel and unusual punishment?
  7. Should all elementary schools adopt a dress code or uniform policy? What are the positives or negatives of this policy?
  8. Do curfews actually keep teens out of trouble? Or does the fear of breaking curfew heighten a teens’ needs to act rebellious or get into trouble sooner rather than later in their social lives?
  9. Is it okay for businesses and corporations to market products to children? Or should marketing targets be restricted to adults?
  10. Are modern societies considered throw-aways? Are there valuable traits that will help future societies or are we holding onto an idea of prominence or importance in the great scheme of things?

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