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How To Pick A Good Topic For A 6-Page Research Paper: A Detailed Manual

Investigation is the driving force behind knowledge and is an integral part of the life of any scientist or scholar. There are many questions about our universe and our very own existence that is still unexplained and there is no shortage of question to be answered. When choosing a topic one must ensure that they are capable of exploring the topic in its fullest and they must also ensure to choose a one that has a lot to explore. Here are some tips on how to pick a topic for a 6 page research paper:

  1. Brainstorm for five minutes
  2. Every individual is filled with many amazing ideas if they give themselves the chance. Simply sit with a pen and paper and write down every single idea that comes to mind. Of course it would be helpful if you tried to think of research ideas, but nevertheless, record every idea you have for a given period of time and review them later, you may be amazed at what you find.

  3. Ask your friends for their thoughts.
  4. We all have many friends, of many different flavors as no two people are alike. Talk to your friends ask them for their ideas and opinions, like before, tell them don’t worry if it seems silly, say it anyways.

  5. Watch the news and attempt to solve a global problem
  6. The news covers many issues from around the world and many of these are natural occurring incidences. Take note of the topics discussed on the news and review them afterwards, you may very well find an excellent topic to research that can be both interesting and useful to the wider world.

  7. Follow past research attempts by others
  8. Many individuals have conducted good research before you and it is no crime to conduct the same research done by someone else, this is, in fact, the scientific method. View any past papers written by someone you may or may not know, and reconstruct their attempt, you may even disprove a paper and become famous yourself!

  9. Develop a ridiculous hypothesis
  10. There is no better topic of study than a ridiculous one and many ideas that seemed outlandish at the time have turned out to be a discovery of amazing proportions. For example, when Nicola Tesla proposed the idea of Direct current, the entire scientific community laughed at the idea.

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