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How To Title A Research Paper: A Free Tutorial

The title of your paper is as important as your content and should not be considered as simply a few words that give your piece a name. The heading serves many purposes, for both the author and readers since it can both guide the direction of the research as well as guide the readers attention towards the paper. The are several things to consider when selecting a topic, a researchers must strike a convincing balance between interesting and practicality. The following pints will outline a simple strategy that makes selecting a proper name for your paper quite easy:

  • First things first, you want a practical subject name
  • When choosing a topic, it is important to avoid one that does not allow for extensive investigation and analysis. You must also be able to complete the study in a reasonable amount of time with properly supported results and data.

  • Your title must be catchy without straying from objectivity
  • You want readers to see your paper from a distance and pick it up to have a better look. One method of accomplishing this is too use a catchy or provocative statement for you title, one that will make the reader curious to see what it’s all about.

  • Describe the contents of your research or the idea you intend to portray
  • Sometimes, a person may be looking for a particular document that could provide an explanation for a question they may have. For this reason, providing a tiny bit of information in your title can help readers to find your paper better by gaining a preliminary idea of whats contained within, from the cover.

  • Keep it short and easy to read at a glance
  • Do not be overly complicated when selecting your wording, try to use words that are easy to understand by the average reader. This way, a person won’t have to place too much effort in reading your title and decide there and then that your paper is not worth reading, without ever opening it to take a look.

  • Do not be overly provocative
  • While this is a useful tool for catching the attention of readers and also for making an excellent thesis statement, you must be careful to avoid being tastelessly offensive. If you use any controversial statement, ensure that there is a reason behind doing so, one that the readers will understand without having to think to hard.

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