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What A Student Ought To Know About Research Paper Proposal Methods

Conducting a study is never complete without taking into account the necessary requirements a paper should entail. From introduction, abstract, literature review, methodology, data presentation and analysis to conclusion, a research paper should be comprehensive. Well, studies are also conducted for different reasons. While some are meant for achieving academic ends, others are geared towards solving problems in the real world such as business issues and in governments. Many times, you have seen, watched or heard of research agencies present survey findings on factors such as population rate, child mortality rates, maternal deaths and many more. However, before an individual or a research institute can be given a go ahead to conduct studies, they must indicate there are enough resources and that they have the capacity to partake on the process of data collection. In this regard, everything should be preceded by a research proposal. So, to a student who is gaining this practical knowledge at school, it must be understood from the onset that, a proposal is meant to win a bid for research. Therefore, before reaching the advance levels of doing the real field study, a proposal is one gateway you can never avoid in academic circles. It too, has sections except for findings and presentation. Methods in a proposal therefore ought to meet certain criteria and that’s what this article explored hereafter.

The methods should be accredited

Well, going out there in the field to partake on a research study is an important exercise but before you can be granted the permission or even hired to do that, it is imperative to show how you will collect your data. This point explores the accreditation of techniques which you will employ to gather raw data. You should never engage in bias or unscrupulous practices. A study is supposed to be authentic supported by real findings and it is only through methodology that this can be ascertained.

Consistency is pivotal

You don’t want to go about there and gather data which does not match the outcome. In this regard, the methods outlined in your proposal should be able to show how such tools are viable for the study and whether they are capable of generating reliable findings.

Budgeting is part of the process

In your research proposal, you are supposed to indicate a budget which outlines how much you will be spending in materials for data collection. The budget should not bloated.

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